• Customer: Simon Lévelt koffie & thee
  • Brand: Simon Lévelt
  • Market: Natuurvoeding
  • Category: Warme dranken
  • Brandcare tools: Fieldsales force

“Because of the collaboration with GreenSprout we are now able to maintain a direct relationship with all the Natural food shops”

– Sophie Schoonhoven, Simon Lévelt –

Simon Lévelt has existed since 1826 and remains in the same family after six generations. The company owes its success to a combination of craftsmanship, nearly 50 own coffee & tea specialty stores, and the extensive retail coffee and tea range. This gives them a strong position in the market, of which natural food is a major part. Simon Lévelt takes care of the entire process of purchasing, blending, inspecting, producing and packaging. Only then can they guarantee a quality product. Simon Lévelt loves sustainable entrepreneurship and adheres to the guidelines for fair trade as much as possible. They work together with organisations like Max Havelaar and Utz for this. In the area of nature protection, they work with organisations like the Rainforest Alliance and Bird Friendly.

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