• Customer: FZ Organic Food
  • Brand: Yakso
  • Market: Natuurvoeding
  • Category: Oosterse maaltijdcomponenten
  • Brandcare tools: Fieldsales force, Visual merchandising, Instore brand activation

We are very happy with the collaboration. The guys at GreenSprout have given us great insight into the Dutch market and have visibly given our products a better position on the market”

– Pieter Jan Kok, Yakso –


Yakso, market leader in organic Oriental meal products, is one of FZ Organic Food’s successful brands. Yakso has a complete range of products that make it possible for the organic consumer to easily prepare a multitude of healthy and tasty oriental dishes at home. The products of the brand Yakso are the result of an initiative by a number of families who started on their self-sufficient “Yakso farm” over 35 years ago. The group of pioneers bundled their knowledge and gave meaning to the natural health industry in an enthusiastic way. By now, Yakso has grown into a brand with beautiful and delicious Oriental products that still embody the rich tradition of the original Yakso farm.


Product ranges and presentations in independent natural health stores are usually organically grown without many external influences. For Yakso, one of the bio-pioneering brands in the market, the question was: what does the market think of us, what is the quantitative state of our distribution, and how are our products presented in the stores? Based on the results of the first store visit rounds, the assignment was to improve the distribution of the range and the presentation in the shelves. Yakso also launched many new products that need to find their way to the shelves. Lastly, the assignment was to create a brand experience in a number of leading stores.


A number of store visit rounds involved working on insight into the market, distribution improvement, shelf position improvement and brand experience. The distribution and presentation of the primary range has improved significantly, which means the brand and the ‘Oriental’ category is now properly visible in most natural food stores. New products have been introduced successfully and have found their way to the shelves. In a number of stores, the meal categories were heavily overhauled, resulting in legible shelves and the invisible brand Yakso becoming visible again. During the collaboration, the idea of a distinctive Local Promotion activity also emerged. The ‘Yakso TukTuk on Tour’ toured the Netherlands for a number of months, with the Yakso TukTuk serving as a distinctive display in a number of stores. Thanks to promotions and a demo, many consumers have become acquainted with the Yakso range and have gained inspiration to easily prepare an oriental meal.


“We are very happy with the collaboration. The guys at GreenSprout have given us great insight into the Dutch market and have visibly given our products a better position on the market. Introducing new products is also a lot smoother now. We know that when we send ‘our’ field service out, the distribution growth of new products is much faster. This means we are better visible in the market, generate goodwill in the market and it helps us realise growth. The collaboration can also be called pleasant. They are enthusiastic and motivated people who provide good input. The detailed evaluations are especially good, and we study them extensively.”

– Pieter Jan Kok, Yakso –

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