Our Mission:

Sustainable Care

GreenSprout believes in a world where we do not live off nature, but live with nature. We feel that consumer goods should consist of natural, organic and fairly obtained ingredients and that their production should take place under good, healthy and socially responsible conditions. By creating awareness, accessibility and visibility, sustainable products gain a better chance of success in various competitive markets. This way, GreenSprout contributes to the development of a sustainable consumer society.

Our vision:

Sustainable Growth

GreenSprout loves entrepreneurs who are innovative and think outside the box. Entrepreneurs who, just like us, believe that sustainable solutions are the only way to a liveable world and understand how these can be translated into commercial opportunities. GreenSprout wants to provide added value to these green talents and contribute to the commercial success of their brands and products in close cooperation.


Ton Severrien is the driving force behind GreenSprout. Ambition, experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry, intuitive commercial insight, and a strong conviction of ‘improve the world, start with yourself’, have led to GreenSprout: the first sales & marketing specialist in the Netherlands to exclusively focus on the organic market.