GreenSprout is the first and only sales and marketing specialist for the Dutch organic market. We provide various services to help make your green brand a visible and successful brand. We know the organic market through and through and are committed to entrepreneurs like you to build up good relationships with wholesalers, retail organisations and retailers in order to achieve sustainable growth together.


Do you not have your own field service? The experienced and driven representatives of GreenSprout go out to strengthen your brand.


Want to take care of stock and presentations of products foreign to the industry in stores yourself? The marketing and sales experts of GreenSprout will arrange it for you.


A good relationship with the wholesaler or retail organisation strengthens your position in the market and accelerates the road to the consumer.


We provide appealing product presentations that surprise and inspire the consumer to start using your products.


Perfectly presenting product ranges and creating smart product categories is an art in itself. An art we are well-versed in.


Do you have a beautiful and sustainable product to bring onto the market, but are you not sure how to do it? Then let us advise you.


GreenSprout works with ‘brandpooling’. This means we combine different brands in our visits and meetings. This makes our service efficient and affordable. Because we work on a project basis, our services can also be used flexibly.