In addition to a range of diverse field marketing services, we offer additional services to further unburden green entrepreneurs. For instance, we can build up and maintain relationships with wholesalers and retail organisations for you. Do you have a beautiful and sustainable product to bring onto the market, but are you not sure how to do it? Then let us advise you.


Account management is an indispensable part of your business. A good relationship with the wholesaler or retail organisation strengthens your position in the market and accelerates the road to the consumer.

Do you, as a producer, have insufficient knowledge or time for the commercial side of your business, or do you not (yet) have the financial means to invest in experienced sales experts? Then GreenSprout offers the solution. We are experienced in account management and have a good network in the organic and natural health industry. Based on part-time contracts, we unburden you from the commercial tasks and together strive for sustainable growth within the organic industry.


Beautiful initiatives sometimes require multiple insights for a well-prepared entry into the market. Talking to external experience experts can help you make better decisions in the field of brand and product development and about the right strategic path to the consumer. GreenSprout has a lot of experience and knowledge of the organic industry, mostly from practice, namely the stores where products are actually sold. We see and hear everything in the organic sector and expertly convert the acquired wisdom into sound commercial strategic advice.