Mont Blanc Foods

“GreenSprout is the specialist who has time and attention for every entrepreneur and therefore ensures more binding and more sales of the products they pay attention to.”

Leo – Mont Blanc Foods

Mont Blanc Foods is a wholesaler of (organic) delicacies for organic shops, specialty stores and restaurants with an eye for quality and a nose for tasty products.

With a distinctive range and the best possible service, they deliver weekly throughout the Netherlands without delivery charge and no minimum order quantity.

Mont Blanc Foods keep the products affordable due to their direct and exclusive import and own distribution to the stores.

The range consists of various delicacy products. Including various cheese accompaniments, mustard from Abrahams Mosterd Makerij, fig bread from Paul Cookie, ketchup from the Curtice Brothers and pasta from L’ Origine. GreenSprout represents all Organic brands of Mont Blanc food

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