• Client: Lebensbaum
  • Brand: Lebensbaum Tea, Coffee and Spices
  • Market: Organic Food
  • Category: Tea, Coffee and Spices
  • Brandcare tools: Fieldsales force

Lebensbaum is specialized in the production of tea, coffee and spices from organic farming. They combine pure enjoyment with ecological and socially responsible entrepreneurship. With every product.

Organic since 1979
In the summer of 1979, company founder Ulrich Walter takes over an organic store in Diepholz, northern Germany. After a short while he realized that it was not possible to buy organic tea, coffee or herbs anywhere and so he went looking for it himself. His travels took him to the south of France, Egypt and later to India.

Climate neutral
Production has been CO2 neutral since 2010. One of the most powerful geothermal systems in Lower Saxony is used for heating and 100% green energy is used throughout the company. About 10% of these are produced on site with their own photovoltaic installation. All company buildings are insulated above average. Postal and parcel transport is CO2 neutral, raw materials are transported by ship. The list of climate-friendly measures is long and constantly expanding.

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