• Customer: ZintenZ
  • Brand: ZintenZ organic cards
  • Market: Natuurvoeding
  • Category: Non Food
  • Brandcare tools: Rack jobbing

“The most special thing about working with GreenSprout is that they don’t just work with customers, but are really involved in your company!”

– Leo & Janna Kaniok – ZintenZ –

ZintenZ is a publisher with a contemporary card concept. All greeting cards and stationery are made with paper from agricultural waste. The cards are also printed with bio-inks and with a waterless printing technique. This means everything is very sustainable and responsible. ZintenZ is the family company of Leo and Janna Kaniok. They have been active in the publishing world for more than 10 years. ZintenZ card mills can be found everywhere: in bookstores, gift shops, health shops and drugstores.

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