Bio Planète

  • Klant: Ölmühle Moog GmbH
  • Merk: Bio Planète
  • Markt: Natuurvoeding
  • Categorie: Olie & Vetten
  • Brandcare tools: Fieldsales force, Instore brand activation

“Through the store visits, they were able to raise the brand awareness and to create a demand for our exclusively organic oils.”

– Robert Golde, Bio Planète 


Bio Planète is Europe’s first organic oil mill. They have been producing the healthiest, most delicious and purest quality oils from nuts, seeds and fruit since 1984. This German company with southern French roots has a range of about 70 different oils, carefully cold-pressed, whereby pure quality is of paramount importance. Bio Planète also finds it important that in addition to organic farming, farmers receive fair prices for their raw materials. Fairtrade partnerships with small-scale organic farmers have the highest priority. In Germany, Bio Planète is the market leader in organic oil. They also export their products to about 14 countries throughout Europe, The Netherlands is an important sales channel where they are one of the few players in the market that provides delicious nut, seed, and fruit oils.


Beautiful products with a good story always have a place and function in the market. This also applies to Bio Planète. With their oil range, they fill a niche in the market that primarily consists of oil such as olive oil and sunflower oil. Making the market transparent and identifying possible bottlenecks were the first assignments. From there, activities that were focused on distribution improvement, distribution monitoring and standing out in shelves soon followed. In addition, various new products were introduced, displays were sold and POS materials have been placed on shelves. Lastly, a number of instore demos were performed, with the main goal of telling the story to consumers.


By working on a number of practical challenges, Bio Planète’s market position was not only maintained, but even reinforced. The distribution of the existing range has grown and new products have been introduced successfully. Different distribution measurements and competition analyses, together with the qualitative input from the market, have ensured a good image of the position in the market. This helps them make better strategic and commercial decisions. The instore demos that were performed had a positive effect on sales in the relevant stores. The combination of ‘inspiring’ and ‘providing a taste’ turns out to be successful time and time again.


“Since 2016 Greensprout is representing Bio Planète on the Dutch market. Through the store visits, they were able to raise the brand awareness and to create a demand for our exclusively organic oils. Ton and his team benefit from a profound knowledge of the organic sector and the market structures as well as their authenticity. The store visits are essential in order to get new products listed by the stores, but also in order to gather useful information about the market development. The parameters, which Ton and his team should measure during their visits, depend on the goals that can be customized for each sales tour. For us they monitor the amount of products on the shelfs over a longer period. After each sales cycle, we receive a presentation that contains a detailed overview of all measures parameters. Those results are finally discussed in a common meeting. On that occasion, they also share their ideas and knowledge, which helps to improve the position at the market. Next to the B2B marketing, they also support us by doing consumer tastings in the stores. By doing this, they help to increase the brand awareness and to demonstrate the benefits of our organic oils. All in all, we have a very trustful collaboration and look forward to continue.” Robert Golde, Bio Planète.

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