• Klant: Ecofinia GmbH
  • Merk: Vivani & iChoc
  • Markt: Natuurvoeding
  • Categorie: Chocolade/Zoetwaren
  • Brandcare tools: Fieldsales force

“Ton and his team are experts in the best sense, they know the market by their long experience and they understand both suppliers and customers.”

– Christoph Kampschulte – Vivani & iChoc –


The organic chocolate brands Vivani and iChoc are part of the German company Ecofinia GmbH. They have been producing the most delicious and refined chocolate since 2000, for which they use cocoa beans from small-scale cooperatives from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Panama. The brand Vivani is one of Ecofinia’s premium brands and represents the highest quality chocolate, a must-have for true chocolate enthusiasts. iChoc is the brand for chocoholics who prefer not consuming any milk or other animal ingredients. The series of vegan iChoc chocolate bars are indispensable in any sustainable chocolate range.


The ‘chocolate’ category is important for natural food stores. Chocolate is impulse-sensitive, responds to the feeling of happiness and the bars with a high percentage of cocoa have a healthy image. Organic chocolate can serve as a delicious and responsible snack. Vivani is the absolute market leader in organic chocolate and they have built up a broad distribution over the years. Even so, it was good to perform a baseline measurement to see where they could still improve in, for instance, the shelf presentations. For iChoc, which is in a niche of the chocolate segment, a broad distribution is not self-evident. For this brand, the assignment was to sell and place a beautiful wooden, permanent display.


Even for market leaders, there is always something to be improved. The baseline measurement and feedback from the market have provided Ecofinia with good insights about potential growth opportunities. For iChoc, all efforts yielded great results. In addition to a renewed acquaintance with the retailers, many wooden displays were sold and placed. This provided the brand with both great orders and additional visibility. This increases the chances of more and better distribution in shelves. The effects of all efforts will be investigated for Ecofinia in subsequent store visit rounds. Furthermore, new activities to turn opportunities into concrete results will be determined based on the conclusions and recommendations.


“Vivani is a leading brand in the chocolate shelves of Dutch health food stores, and the Netherlands are one of our most important export markets. Therefore we were up to find a professional cooperation for field marketing, brand care and market research in the Netherlands, and we found it in Greensprout. Ton and his team are experts in the best sense, they know the market by their long experience and they understand both suppliers and customers. We appreciate our cooperation very much.“ Christoph Kampschulte – Ecofinia GmbH

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